Barton Southwest Builders are a 100% Native American family-owned general contractor

About BSWB

“Barton Southwest Builders are a 100% Native American family-owned general contractor, in operation for over 20 years. Based in Northern Arizona, they employ and train construction craftsmen to build infrastructure, commercial buildings, and residential homes. Owner and business manager, Margie Barton, started this company with the mission to minimize the reliance on off-reservation businesses. Barton Southwest Builders provides a much-needed service that keeps local residents in Native communities employed, while effectively sustaining the demand for quality builders within and outside the reservation borders.”

  • BSB is licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors
    KB 1  Dual Building General Contractor
    License # ROC220828
  • Certified as a Small Business, Native American Owned & HubZone by SBA
  • Currently Certified with Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe


Owner: Margie and Robert Barton
Location: Winslow, AZ
Phone: +1 928-613-8539

  • Our Services

    We build with care for the end user and we strive to go beyond our job as builders to make the project easier for the home owner. Building with traditional values means that we ensure that the customer is not just proud of the home they are getting but that their experience with the project was a positive one. Our custom building services includes assisting customers in considering all of their options for building a home including general options such as the size of the home or the materials but we also assist in ensuring customers have adequate kitchen size for family gatherings and other traditional events, we assist in avoiding culturally sensitive areas, and ensuring that their home is built with efficiency and consideration to the natural environment. Building with traditional values is providing exceptional services that show care and concern for our customers who are also our neighbors.

  • Our Experience

    Barton Southwest Builder’s Inc. has over 20 years of experience building on tribal lands and rural areas including the Navajo Nation. With over 25,000 square miles of reservation, the Navajo Nation’s rural environment creates challenges for construction projects that can be difficult to maneuver. Barton Southwest Builder’s Inc. is a company that has been built on meeting these challenges and completing
    projects with high standards of workmanship and efficiency required by the customer and the environment they are building in.

    BSBI’s extensive experience provides exceptional understanding of rural reservation conditions where lack of infrastructure, road conditions, lack of water, and difficult working conditions affect productivity and cost of building. Our ability to assess the landscape in which we are building and provide an accurate estimate of costs increases efficiency of the project and value to the owner. We are keen to the indirect costs of building in rural environments and we have forged valuable supplier relationships that allow our company to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Our Partnerships

    Barton Southwest Builders Inc. is a community oriented company, we are 100% Dine (Navajo) owned and operated and we believe in building communities in Indian Country. As such, we strive to partner and assist in the growth of other Native owned companies through partnerships and subcontracting opportunities with local companies. We seek skilled workmanship that is located in the communities we work in and always look to spread economic growth by hiring local labor. Our values as a company include finding ways to increase the value of the projects we complete as far as we can within the local community.

  • Environment

    Challenges to build:

    • Lack of water

    • Road conditions; dirt roads

    • Lack of infrastructure/limited infrastructure

    • Difficult working conditions/environment (no restrooms)

    • Cost of transportation (supply delivery) $4/mile; $6/mile

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Owner: Margie and Robert Barton
Location: Winslow, AZ
Phone: +1 928-613-8539

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